I was asked to help with a W3C initiative to create a wiki documenting web technology. Specifically, the project stewards were looking for help with visual design for this community-driven website. As a believer in the openness of the web, I was more than happy to help out.

I started out by creating a questionnaire about visual design preferences for the stakeholders to complete (a successful technique that I had learned at my time at Habanero—a way to talk specifically about visual design requests with concrete examples) and from there interpreted the responses along with the Web Platform branding guidelines into a few Style Tiles.

Style Tiles created to quickly iterate through a few potential visual design approaches.

After gathering feedback from the stakeholders, I outlined all of the necessary components that needed to be styled and moved on to creating a mock-up which included all of these components.

Spreadsheet outlining necessary components, and a mock-up of actual content.

After the mock-up was accepted, I transitioned the project to a designer and front-end developer who took over the implementation of the design.
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