Hi there.
I'm Joni (pronounced Joe-knee) and I'm happy you found me!
I am a user experience designer, living and working in San Francisco, CA. I originate from beautiful Vancouver, BC.
I love solving problems with design, working on projects that have big impact. I love working with companies that understand that design is more than just how it looks, and on teams who have strong values and points of view.
Over the course of my career as both a consultant and an in-house designer, I’ve worked on projects that include: marketing websites, e-commerce websites, web apps, mobile applications, desktop apps, administrative tools, dashboards, intranets, documentation websites, wikis, conferences and more. I have a broad range of expertise including product strategy, user research, information architecture, prototyping, usability testing, user experience design, interaction design, visual design, and project/team leadership. 
I am on the look out for new and exciting opportunities, so please reach out via LinkedIn if you have something in mind.
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